The goal of GoodRich was to create a new medium of engagement for 
Sports fans by integrating Stock Market mechanisms with sports data.

In my role as Lead Product Designer for GoodRich I was responsible 
for all aspects of UX & UI, creating the following products: 

The Exchange
An e-commerce solution where users can purchase 
and trade in-game currency based on sports teams performance 

Data Terminal
A stock market-style interface where users can track their 
investments and make informed decisions to earn real money 

A dedicated information center where users can see 
the latest news regarding their specific team investments 

A collection of fantasy draft style games 
based on teams rather than players

Unfortunately due to the Global Pandemic, GoodRich had to put all projects on hold.

Below is a few samples of the work I produced.
Homepage 1
Homepage 1
Homepage 2
Homepage 2
Homepage 3
Homepage 3

GoodRich Chips Purchase Flow

GoodRich News Feed

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